Making e-mobility an integral part of the energy transition

NRG2050 Holding wants to play a leading part in making e-mobility an integral part of the energy transition. To do so, we invest in the development and commercial growth of hard- and software solutions of our own hand and from companies with a like-minded vision.

Welcome to NRG2050

NRG2050 companies contribute to achieve goals laid down in the Paris Climate Agreement 2020- 2050 with initiatives, services and smart solutions in

NRG2050 is a holding with companies specialised in e-mobility and energy management. Together they help to achieve goals of the Paris Climate Agreement 2020-2050 – agreements between 195 countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050.

Founders of NRG2050: “We feel driven to help preserve our planet and to play a leading role in the energy transition. By working together and offering extensive services, products and solutions we can substantially reduce the risks of climate change and pollution.”

Founders of NRG2050 have an extensive track record in e-mobility since the early days of the EV-market. They have co-founded and built up an EV company to European market-leadership in charging infrastructure and software.

A transition in e-mobility means a transition to sustainable, fossil-free energy. This demands for smart and user-friendly solutions that enable all stakeholders to welcome and to manage massive adoption of e-mobility and renewable energy.